Personal CD Player and Headphone Set

Personal CD Player and Headphone Set
Califone  •  Product is No Longer Available  •  81596

The Personal CD Player supports curricula for language learning programs and 1:1 instruction for students listening to audio books as they learn vocabulary, proficiency and reading fluency. It allows native and non-native English speakers of all abilities to silently listen and read along to an audio at their own pace without distracting their peers in class, the library or even to take it home to help improve their reading skills.

Includes a lightweight and adjustable digital stereo headphone, whose on-ear earcups help reduce ambient noise to keep the students more on task.

Built to withstand the rigors of day-in and day-out use, this CD player has improved buffering to guard against accidental bumps and its shell is constructed with rugged, durable ABS plastic.

The CD player shell is constructed from rugged ABS plastic in order to withstand the rigors of day-in and day-out use. The playback of content is assured with improved buffering, which guards against skipping or lag in replay caused from any bumping.


  • Battery Compartment for 2 AA Batteries (Batteries not included)
  • DC 4.5V
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Buttons: Play/Pause, Stop, Program, Repeat & Skip/Search
  • LCD Display; Displays CD information and battery life
  • Stereo Headphone
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ambient noise reducing earcups for safety
  • 60 second anti-shock system
  • AC/DC operation for indoor / outdoor capability


Laser Diode Material - GaAlAs

Properties Wavelength - λ=780mm

Emission Duration - Continuous

Laser Output - <44.6 μW

Error Correction - Cross-interleave Reed-solomon code

D/A Conversion - DAC with four times oversampling

Frequency Response - 20-20,000Hz (+1/-3 dB)

Wow and Flutter- Below measurable limits

No. of Channels - 2 Channels (Stereo)

Output level Phones - 15mW (32Ω)

Bass Boost Effect - (100Hz) + 6 dB

Power Requirements – 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) or 6VDC 300 mA power adapter

Power Adapter Plug Type - EIAJ, center hole φ 1.7mm, outside φ 4.0mm

Power Consumption - 0.8W (DC 3V) under normal conditions

Headphone - Lightweight 8200-HP, with 6' cord