I Want Your Moo (Paperback)

I Want Your Moo (Paperback)
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Toodles is a turkey who despises the sound of her "gobble gobble," her spindly legs, and her brown feathers. She just doesn't like herself at all! So she goes in search of a new voice, thinking it will bring her happiness. In this goofy, fun-filled quest, Toodles discovers that she's just the way she's meant to be, "gobble gobble" and all. Kids will identify with Toodles' struggle with insecurity. I Want Your Moo is a silly and funny lesson in self-acceptance and self-esteem. And it's perfect to read aloud to kids! This new edition contains playful illustrations and a Note to Parents, written by the authors, that provides practical ways to help parents help their kids feel great about themselves!