3 years & up. Hands-on play with a purpose -- the next generation way. This unique learning tool uses your body as the game controller making it a great opportunity to combine active play and learning all in one. Use any surface to actively engage kinesthetic, visual, and audio learners. Bundle includes the following software: Word Pop, Directions, Patterns, and Shapes.

Inspire-NG Move includes:

  • Kinect for Windows® sensor with all required cables
  • User manual with alignment to standards
  • Will NOT work with Xbox or Xbox games and content


  • Requires a computer running Microsoft Windows® 7 or higher
  • Requires a 40" screen or larger to interact with content (this can be a Projector, TV, Interactive Whiteboard, or other display)
  • Needs an 8' x 8' floor space for user to move around
  • Will NOT work with Xbox or Xbox games and content

Learning Games:

  • Aligned to Common Core, Head Start Objectives, State Pre-K standards
  • Word Pop: user catches the correct letters falling in bubbles
  • Directions: students must use their body to learn directional and spatial vocabulary
  • Shapes: students match shapes to the corresponding place in real world images
  • Patterns: students must complete patterns using their body