It's So Amazing! - Hardback

It's So Amazing! - Hardback
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7 - 10 years. This book was created in response to repeated requests from parents, teachers, librarians, and health professionals for an up-to-date book about sex and sexuality targeted to middle-schoolers. This book covers specific topics such as: changes in boys' and girls' bodies during puberty, intercourse, birth control, chromosomes and genes, adoption and adjusting to a newborn sibling. The artwork ranges from lighthearted cartoon panels of a talking sperm meeting up with an egg in the fallopian tube to straightforward drawings of reproductive organs and a developing fetus. Using Bird and Bee characters that reflect the many moods of children, be it silly, serious, curious, or embarrassed, thier voices echo the thoughts, questions, and concerns of a younger audience. Hardback. 80 pages.