SIGN with your BABY® Kit - DVD

SIGN with your BABY® Kit - DVD
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SIGN with your BABY® is revolutionizing the way adults view and interact with preverbal babies.

Perhaps for the first time in history, infants and toddlers are able to express their wants, needs, and observations in a manner that is clearly understood by their adult allies. Recent research, coupled with the experiences of parents and childcare professionals, is confirming that using ASL signs offers a host of significant benefits.

The most award-winning product of its kind for easily introducing American Sign Language (ASL) signs to ALL babies!

This powerful package will help you get started quickly and easily. You'll soon be understanding and meeting the needs of infants and toddlers long before they can speak. Learn 145 signs and, most importantly, learn the best tips and techniques to get your favorite baby quickly engaged.

Author and researcher Dr. Joseph Garcia offers a straightforward, light-hearted approach making the experience fun and easy. Get started today and you'll be amazed when your baby signs!

Complete Set includes:

  • SIGN with Your BABY® Book by Joseph Garcia
  • SIGN with your BABY® DVD Training Video
  • SIGN with your BABY® Laminated Quick Reference Guide (includes English and Spanish words, plus 54 of the most-used ASL signs.)