Master ESL-Spanish Edition - Class Pack

Master ESL-Spanish Edition - Class Pack
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Grades 1-6. Class Pack contains 750 standards based review cards that allow non-English speakers to practice key grammar and vocabulary skills in all core curriculum areas. Includes a comprehensive teacher guide with instructions in both English and Spanish, as well as a CD featuring interactive flash cards in both languages.

Class Pack Edition

  • 25 sets of 30 standards-based mastery questions. Each individually packaged set covers a different, core curriculum topic – for a total of 750 different questions!
  • 12 Double-sided, theme-based game boards. One side provides for quick games of 5-10 minutes, while the other can be used for longer versions of 30 minutes or more!
  • Comprehensive Teacher Planning & Resource Guide
  • 36 Multi-colored game pieces and 12 dice
  • Classroom Presentation CD-ROM
  • Free 90-day Web subscription

Classroom Presentation CD-ROM

  • Included with Class Pack & Take Home editions
  • 750 interactive questions for each grade and subject
  • Create-a-lesson and play-a-lesson capability
  • Instant student feedback

Curriculum Mastery® Games

Curriculum Mastery® Games are ready- to-use learning centers ideal for differentiated instruction! Provide hands-on, game-based learning for reinforcement and review to help students master standards-based skills! Teacher-developed and classroom-tested, this research-based learning system provides comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-8 in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

  • Improves student knowledge and understanding of grade appropriate skills
  • Helps to improve student test scores
  • Helps students develop skills in following directions, critical thinking, problem solving, logical thinking and sportsmanship.
  • Inspires, motivates and engages unmotivated learners by making learning interesting and fun
  • Hands-on alternative to worksheets/workbooks
  • Provides differentiated instruction for various types of learners
  • Complements any curriculum
  • Provides opportunities for parental involvement.

Meets The Requirements For:

  • NCLB
  • Title I funding
  • Special education IEPs
  • Response to Intervention
  • After school and summer school programs
  • Charter schools
  • Home schooling and independent study

Developed using Research-Based Principles!

Curriculum Mastery® Games have been specifically developed using research-based principles proven to enhance learning.

The study "Scientifically-Based Evidence for NewPath Learning's Curriculum Mastery Program" provides educators with scientifically-based and other research evidence in which NewPath Learning materials are solidly grounded—their content, lesson model, assessment activities, instructional features, and activity strategies.


  • Benchmark achievement
  • Prior knowledge
  • Self-assessment
  • Pre & post testing
  • Misconceptions
  • Competencies
  • Higher order thinking


  • Topics are correlated to national and state educational standards
  • Visual supports: charts, graphs & diagrams
  • Every topic has multiple opportunities for meeting objectives
  • Developed with sensitivity to to multi-cultural & gender diversity
  • Flexible instructional uses
  • All levels of complexity are included


  • Leveled by grade incorporating word frequency lists
  • Text features are organized and clear
  • Colorful & visually attractive
  • Large font
  • Appealing for age


  • Provides standards-based support to any curriculum
  • Offers easy-to-use teacher guide & answer key
  • Includes management materials for assessment
  • Suggested teaching strategies for effective instruction & assessment
  • Supported by professional development
  • Targeted for content specific topics
  • Allows for instructional flexibility