Enrichment Kit: Sharing

Enrichment Kit: Sharing
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Grades K - 5. The qualities of good character are timeless and important in developing good citizens within our schools. Each unit provides a month's worth of interactive lessons that incorporate language arts, mathematics, and creative arts. Lessons also integrate fiction and non-fiction children's books. Units encourage self-expression and are ideal for guidance time or after school programs. Based on National Reading and National Mathematics standards. Includes 4 children's books.

Book Titles Included:

Rabbit and Hare Divide an Apple

by Harriet Ziefert

Rabbit and Hare love to eat. One day they find an apple and Hare tries to divide it in half so he and Rabbit can share it. But he breaks it unevenly. They both want the bigger piece. Will they ever find a way to share the apple? Can Mr. Raccoon help? 32 pages.

Mine All Mine

by Claire Hawcock

When Little Squirrel discovers a beautiful, shimmering snowflake, he wants to keep it all to himself. But Little Squirrel soon finds out how lonely he is without his brothers and sister to share his treasure. 32 pages.

Kermit the Hermit

by Bill Peet

A little boy saves Kermit from disaster, and the once selfish and cranky crab works hard to repay him. 48 pages.

One of Each

by Mary Ann Hoberman

Oliver lives alone in a one-of-each house -- "One plum and one apple, one pear and one peach". But he discovers that two of each is even better because sharing makes room for friends. 32 pages.