Enrichment Kit: Citizenship

Enrichment Kit: Citizenship
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Grades K - 5. The qualities of good character are timeless and important in developing good citizens within our schools. This character education package includes units on bullying, charity, citizenship, deployment, honesty, kindness, self-esteem, and sharing. Each unit provides a month's worth of interactive lessons that incorporate language arts, mathematics, and creative arts. Lessons also integrate fiction and non-fiction children's books. Units encourage self-expression and are ideal for guidance time or after school programs. Based on National Reading and National Mathematics standards. Includes 4 children's books.

Book Titles Included:

Citizenship: Everyday Character Education

by Janet Riehecky

Now more than ever, students need guidance on handling everyday situations. With vibrant photos and clear text, this book explores important character traits and presents examples of people using good judgment. Introduces citizenship through examples of everyday situations such as at school, with friends, and at home, where this character trait can be used. 24 pages.


by Ann-Marie Kishel

Citizenship offers emergent readers an introduction to the rules for being a good citizen and explains the basics about how someone becomes a U.S. citizen. 24 pages.

Officer Buckle and Gloria

by Peggy Rathmann

Officer Buckle knows more about safety than anyone else in the town of Napville. But whenever he tries to share his safety tips, nobody listens. Until, that is, the Napville Police buys a police dog named Gloria. Unbeknownst to Officer Buckle, Gloria has her own way of demonstrating safety tips -- one that makes Napville sit up and take notice! Suddenly, everybody wants to hear Officer Buckle's safety speech. "And please," people say, "bring along the police dog." When Officer Buckle discovers he's been upstaged, he vows to give up safety tips once and for all. Can Gloria convince her friend to return to the job he loves, or is Napville about to have its worst accident ever?40 pages.

Being A Good Citizen: A Book About Citizenship

by Mary Small

Being a good person means treating others right. In this endearing character education tale, learn about the different things you can do every day to be considerate -- it's a great way to be! 24 pages.