The Real Deal Non-Fiction Readers (Set of 5)

The Real Deal Non-Fiction Readers (Set of 5)
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Grades 4 & up. This award winning set is designed for students reading below grade level. This set of 5 Nonfiction Books contain 32 pages packed with fascinating facts to keep struggling readers engaged. Reading Levels: M,Word Count 700 - 2,000 words, Paperbacks. Titles include: Break that Code - Use your skills to break codes and learn how codes have been used since early times. Things We Fear - Of the many things that can frighten us in our daily life such as bugs, movie monsters and unknown viruses and germs. Learn the facts behind the freight. Animal Talk- Learn how Animals communicate with sounds; some that we cannot hear. Brain Power - Can you train your brain? Do other animals have bigger brains than you? How does our brain keep us alive and enable us to solve problems? Hoaxes, Fibs, and Fakes -Would you believe it if you were told that Martians had landed on Earth? Read about this and other famous hoaxes.