Mastering Math Skills Class Packs

Mastering Math Skills Class Packs
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This class-pack set includes enough materials for 36 students. Comprehensive coverage of grade appropriate math skills! Includes 25 sets of 30 standards-based review cards, 12 game boards, classroom presentation CD with interactive review questions and a free introductory online subscription to access interactive activities and assessments.

Classroom Center Packs

  • Enough material for 36 students to play simultaneously
  • Each subject and grade level set focuses on 25 key curriculum topics, with 30 standards-based review cards for each topic - that's 750 individual questions per subject, per grade level
  • Includes 12 laminated, double sided game boards and game pieces
  • Teacher's Guide gives tips on setting up game centers, identifies Curriculum Standards correlations, offers ideas for game extensions and assessment options, and includes a master copy of student score sheets
  • Classroom presentation CD contains all 750 Question cards for projection in large classroom settings
  • Receive a free 90-day trial web subscription with each game pack

Math Curriculum Mastery Games

Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics:

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
(#25299) (#25300) (#25301) (#25302) (#25303) (#25293)
Sequencing Counting to 999 Odd & Even Place Value Whole Numbers to Millions Whole Numbers to Trillions
Skip Counting Sequencing Double-Digit Addition Rounding Numbers Compare & Order Numbers Commutative / Associative Properties
Number Line Place Value Double-Digit Subtraction Compare & Order Numbers Place Value Distributive Property
One Less, One More Skip Counting Regrouping Data Analysis Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions
Place Value Odd & Even Money to $5 Graphs Compare & Order Fractions Percents
Odd & Even

One More, One Less

Giving Change from $1.00 Represent Data Order Decimals Ordering Rational Numbers
Fractions Number Words Ordering & Comparing Numbers Problem Solving Less Than, Greater Than Add / Subtract Fractions
Telling Time Fractions Greater Than / Less Than Addition / Subtraction Percents as Fractions / Decimals Multiply / Divide Fractions
Counting Coins Fractions Greater Than or Less Than 1/2 Estimation Multiplication Common Factors Mixed Numbers
Addition Facts to 10 Money Place Value More Multiplication Multiply Three Digits Multiple Representation of Rational Numbers
Subtraction Facts to 10 Comparing Numbers Story Problems Division Divide Three Digits Percent, Rate, Base
Story Problems Ordinals Exploring Numbers Multiplication / Division Order of Operations Order of Operations
Simple Shapes Addition Facts Comparing Numbers Add / Subtract Fractions Simplify Fractions Repeated Multiplication to Exponents
Attributes of Objects Subtraction Facts Equivalent Fractions of 1/2 Decimals Add / Subtract Fractions Exponents to Repeated Multiplication
Patterns Story Problems Multiplication Facts Add / Subtract Decimals Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide Decimals

Evaluate Exponents

Ordering Double Digit Addition without Regrouping Open Number Sentences Decimals / Fractions Algebra Inverse Operations
Ordinal Numbers to 10th Number Patterns Determining the One Operation Function Algebra Perimeter Evaluate Formulas
Days of the Week Subtraction is not Commutative Time Evaluate Open Sentences Geometry Classification Simple Proportions
Months of the Year Time Congruent Shapes Geometry Plot Points Area of Triangles & Quadrilaterals
Measurement Comparing Objects Temperature Perimeter Measurement Area & Circumference of Circles
Temperature Measurement Perimeter Lines & Angles Elapsed Time Plotting Points
Greater Than / Less Than Calendar Probability Measurements Angles Area of Coordinate Polygons
Commutative Property Graphs Graphs Money Data Analysis Measurement Conversion
Relative Position of Objects Probability Determine Appropriate Standards of Units Elapsed Time Exponential & Scientific Notation Statistics & Probability
Symmetry Solids Measurement Calendar Ratios Graphs