Math Visual Learning Guides Set (Grade 6)

Math Visual Learning Guides Set (Grade 6)
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Grade 6. Help your students make connections, understand relationships and recall related details using visual learning techniques. Each collection consists of 10 laminated, "write-on / wipe-off" guides. Each guide covers a different topic and includes 4 panels: Panel 1 features an illustrated overview of the concept, Panel 2 includes labeling and review exercises, Panel 3 presents a vocabulary activity, and Panel 4 provides assessment and review questions. Also includes a teacher guide and a classroom presentation / assessment CD featuring 750 illustrated, interactive flash cards for use on a computer or interactive whiteboard.

Set includes the following curriculum topics:

1. Properties of Addition and Multiplication

2. The Coordinate Plane

3. Introduction to Functions

4. Introduction to Integers

5. Adding and Subtracting Integers

6. Multiplying and Dividing Integers

7. Numbers and Operations

8. Solving Equations

9. Surface Area of Solid Figures

10. Area and Circumference of Circles