The Pizza Counting - Paperback

The Pizza Counting - Paperback
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This yummy book is all about numbers, counting, and math skills with a little of bit of history thrown in on the side, too. On some pages there is a mouth-watering picture of a pizza that has various toppings used to create a face, a flag, and even a cat. The other page includes a breakdown of the exact amount of toppings used to make the creation, for example, to make a cat use 13 onion strips, 14 chives, 15 pepperoni slices, and 16 leaves of basil; the actual ingredients are in each corner of the page along with the number, and in the corner with the pizza are various addition problems to show how the numbers can be used to add up to new numbers. Information is included about how pizza was created, how many pizzas are consumed in America every year, and what pizza is made of.