Math Minutes That Matter

Math Minutes That Matter
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PreK - Grade 5. Comprehensive teaching guide provides detailed and practical guidance for interactive instructional activities using components of the Kaplan Numeracy Center. Includes step-by-step, scripted modeling and tips for making the most of instructional moments in math when using each component and guidance on connecting instruction through the use of multiple components and integrating content strands during instruction. 64 pages.

Sherry Colarusso

An educator for 33 years, Sherry Colarusso has taught all grades Pre-K through grade 12, in addition to college-level math courses and elementary math methods courses for pre-service teachers. Her experience with students of all ages brings a refreshing, balanced, all-encompassing view of the learning experience. Her thorough knowledge of Venn diagrams and the multiple uses of Venn diagrams across content areas gives teachers a solid base from which to build critical thinking skills in their own students. Sherry understands the nature of teaching and learning, and uses her knowledge and experience to provide both in-service and pre-service teachers with a wealth of activities for comfortably incorporating Venn diagrams into their daily lesson activities.

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