Same Old Horse - Hardback

Same Old Horse - Hardback
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6 years & up. The latest in Murphy's excellent MathStart series is a lively story that encourages kids to work with numbers to find out what happens next. Bjorkman's clear, funny ink-and-watercolor pictures show horses in a barnyard acting just like children on a school playground. A horse named Hankie is the target, and the other horses tease him for being predictable and boring. They know exactly when he will come out of the barn and the color of the saddle pad he'll have--red one week, blue the next. But Hankie is determined to surprise them, and with the support of his best friend, he gets revenge and shows that predictable does not mean boring. Notes for adults and children about finding patterns and making predictions in everyday life round out the story. Written by Stuart J. Murphy and illustrated by Steve Bjorkman. Hardback. 40 pages.