Experiencing Math Through Music CD

Experiencing Math Through Music CD
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2 - 4 years. Math is everywhere; in supermarkets and restaurants and at the sporting events we attend. It's even in the music we listen to and the songs we sing. Children, like adults, use math every day. They sort toys, create using shapes and patterns, or count crackers for snack. All of the songs and chants on this CD are related to math in some way. These selections are intended to help children make connections between the informal mathematics that they already know and the more formal mathematics they learn in school.

Song Listing:

  1. Rise Sally Rise
  2. Introduction to Come On and Sing
  3. Come On and Sing
  4. I'm Not Small
  5. I Have a Box
  6. Three Short-Necked Buzzards
  7. The Ants Come Marching
  8. The Seed Song
  9. One, Two, Three A-Twirlsy
  10. The Green Grass Grows
  11. Build it Up