Reminder Bracelets (60 Bracelets)

Reminder Bracelets (60 Bracelets)
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Consumable Reminder Bracelets for the DECA Program Protective Factor Kit. 60 bracelets in package.More than a collection of creative lesson plan activities, the DECA Program Protective Factor Kit provides a framework for teachers to think comprehensively about the experiences they provide to children every single day with a focus on children's social and emotional health.

Designed by Teachers, For Teachers

The Protective Factor Kit provides effective, easy-to-implement activities and materials that can be used everyday to enrich the overall daily program. The kit focuses on strengthening children's protective factors through five core program areas:

  • Supportive interactions
  • Partnerships with Families
  • Activities & Experiences
  • Daily Program
  • Environment

Nefertiti K. Bruce

Early Childhood Specialist and Trainer for DECI

Nefertiti Bruce, M.Ed., is an Early Childhood Specialist and trainer for the Devereux Foundation. In her lectures and trainings, she stresses and emphasizes the importance of social and emotional health and development in children. She has dedicated her work to educating parents, teachers and administrators on the importance of paying attention to not only how our children perform academically, but also how they feel on the inside. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia State University, and her graduate degree from Chestnut Hill College in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative, Nefertiti worked as a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher in the city of Philadelphia. Nefertiti is a certified trainer for the DECI.