Cumulative Record Set (20 pack)

Cumulative Record Set (20 pack)
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Cumulative Record Set (20 pack) Goes with Partners for Learning.

Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute is a multidisciplinary institute at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). The institute's mission is to cultivate and share the knowledge necessary to enhance child development and family well being. Through a variety of grants and contracts, they conduct research and provide outreach services. Most of the institute's work addresses young children ages birth to 8 years. They have a special focus on children who experience biological or environmental factors that challenge early development and learning. "FPG. Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Lives." is the philosophy that guides their daily work.

The Institute was founded in 1966 and is named for Dr. Frank Porter Graham (1886-1972), president of UNC, 1930-1949 and US Senator, 1949-1951. The Institute began with a small group of scientists who had a dream — to conduct research that would make a difference in children's lives, help families, and inform policies. Today they are one of the nation's largest multidisciplinary centers for studying young children and their families.

One of FPG's oldest and most significant longitudinal studies, the Abecedarian Project, began with a group of preschoolers who entered FPG in 1972. This project continues to gather information on the positive influences of early intervention that can still be measured in these now 34 year-olds.

Recognizing the importance of high quality care, FPG researchers developed the Early Childhood (ECERS), Infant/Toddler (ITERS), Family Day Care (FDCRS), and School-Age Care (SACERS) Environment Rating Scales. The scales have directly influenced the development of guidelines for child care quality at local, state, national and international levels.

The All About the ECERS-R and All About the ITERS-R are detailed texts in words & pictures to be used with the ECERS-R and ITERS-R respectively, authored by Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms, and Cathy Riley of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.