Little Doctor Kit

Little Doctor Kit
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2 years & up. Checkup Time! The doctor's bag comes complete with everything you need to make sure your patient is on the road to recovery and to make their trip to the doctor a good experience. Kit includes electronic stethoscope, blood pressure gauge with arm cuff, reflex hammer, thermometer, squeaking syringe, auriscope, laryngoscope, pretend bandage, and doctor bag. Batteries are included. Surface clean.
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Broken already :(

November 9, 2010

I haven't even had this kit for a year and the piece to the blood pressure gauge has broken off and the piece to the stethoscope has broken off too... They are not strong enough for a kid to play with under 3 years of age and some 3 year olds should not play with them as the plastic part of the tubes just tear off where they are glued....

Yes: 1 out of 1

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