The Solar System and Beyond (Set of 4) - Paperback

The Solar System and Beyond (Set of 4) - Paperback
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The most up to date space information, engaging photos, and dynamic charts give readers a guided tour of the solar system and beyond. Set of 10 paperback books. 32 pages each.

Set Includes:
  • Our Earth - it's the third planet from the Sun, and it's the only planet known to support life. Get an in-depth view of the planet we call home.
  • Our Sun - the sun is a fiery ball of gas with scalding temperatures and massive explosions. Get up-close to the star that keeps our solar system spinning.
  • Our Moon - it's a dry, dusty desert, but it's the only space object humans have ever walked on. Get an up-close look at the moon that orbits earth.
  • Stars - from earth, they look like twinkling lights, in space, they're burning hot balls of gas. Get up-close to the stars that burn brightly in our solar system and beyond.
  • The Planets of Our Solar System - Venus is a sweltering, spinning rock. Jupiter is a huge ball of gas. But they are both planets.Get up-close to the eight planets that orbit around our solar system.
  • The Dwarf Planets - they're round and orbit the sun, but they're not planets. What makes a dwarf planet different? Get up-close to the five dwarf planets that call our solar system home.
  • The Milky Way and Other Galaxies - they're huge collections of gas, dust, and stars, and our solar system calls one of them home. Get up-close to the galaxies that spin around the universe.
  • Asteroids, Comets, and Meteoroids - they're left over rocks from where planets were formed, and they hold clues to how the solar system began. Get up-close to asteroids, comets, and meteoroids that orbit our solar system.
  • Black Holes and Supernovas - stars live for billions of years, but they're deaths are just as spectacular. Get an up-close look to supernovas and black holes that stars leave behind.
  • Robots in Space - space robots explore the distant planets of our solar system, and they help astronauts work in space. Get up-close to the robots which make space exploration possible.