Easy Grammar Grade 5 Teacher Edition

Easy Grammar Grade 5 Teacher Edition
Easy Grammer Systems  •  Product is No Longer Available  •  141396

10 years & up. This text is all you need to teach grammar for an entire school year. Easy Grammar texts have students find the prepositonal phrases first, allowing them to see the other parts more clearly. This book contains 180 daily teaching lessons along with reproducible worksheets/lessons for each day. Materials are presented in an easy, step-by-step manner. You would need to copy the worksheets for your child. Paperback.

Easy Grammar Grade 5

  • Introduces 53 prepositions and the process of deleting prepositional phrases
  • Introduces capitalization, punctuation and different sentence types
  • Unit reviews/tests and cumulative reviews/tests are included
  • The answer key is across from the worksheet
  • Also includes a writing section which teaches how to write appositives, semicolon construction, and compound sentences