Children's Learning Toys from Kaplan Toys

Children's learning toys from Kaplan Toys make learning fun for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, helping foster developmentally appropriate skills with educational products that have been trusted by parents, teachers, and child development experts for years. Our children's learning toys are designed to sharpen emerging senses and skills and encourage young children to further develop their curiosity about the world around them. Our goal is to bring you a wealth of educational learning toys that make children want to learn more, with toddler lacing toys like our lacing city blocks set that helps children develop manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination and learning sets that include books and puppets to help illustrate story lines.

Kaplan Toys offers a distinct selection of children's educational toys, books, games, arts and crafts, and kits that focus on environmental awareness, creative expression and social understanding. This concentration of unique products provides you the opportunity to discover unique children's educational toys and related products that empower children, and even adults, to grow into more responsible, tolerant and compassionate individuals. Your child is constantly learning, so in a sense, all childrens' toys are learning toys. Consider that how you play with your child and the learning toys you choose for your child are the foundation of your child's future learning.

Our selection of educational learning toys and dramatic play items has been carefully chosen and organized by age groups so it's easy to choose a developmentally appropriate product. We also offer playroom accessories so that you can outfit your play area with educational pieces that children of all ages will love, as well as a great selection of arts and crafts products that will have the kids begging to get creative.

For over 40 years Kaplan Toys has been synonymous with children and providing products that promote learning while playing. Our company has continued to be a strong leader in the field of early care and education. We know that children are our future and we provide products that enhance creativity, explore learning, and encourage independence.