Children's Pretend Toys from Kaplan Toys

Children's pretend toys from Kaplan Toys help foster developmentally appropriate skills with a vast selection of educational toys that have been used and trusted by parents, teachers, and child development experts for years. Our children's pretend play toys are designed to sharpen emerging senses and skills and encourage young ones to further develop their curiosity about the world around them.

Looking for something fun to entertain the kids for couple of hours? Pretend play toys and costumes are a unique way to open up a child's imagination. Nothing is more fun than dressing up when you're a kid, and our selection of dress up clothes and pretend play costumes is amazing. With our dress up clothes and costume you can let a child's grasp on science tighten as he or she dresses up in our doctor's or nurse's costume and practices listening to your heart beat, for example.

Children love to imitate their parents and other adults. Pretend play for preschoolers needs only the simplest of toys. When your child reaches school age, pretend play is different though no less important. Play becomes more complex and centers on themes of mastery and relationships. Children are intrigued with spy kits and pretend camping equipment. You'll find lots of cool creative toys at Kaplan.

Our pretend play and dress up toys have been carefully chosen and organized by age groups so it's easy to choose a developmentally appropriate product. In addition to products for pretend play and dress-up adventures, we offer cuddly toys that kids love to snuggle, a woodshop section, ride-on and riding toys, wooden and soft blocks for tower building, outdoor toys, art and craft supplies, toys geared toward infants, play room and play area accesories, and educational toys that help kids build their brain power.

Our selection of learning toys have been carefully chosen and organized by age groups so it's easy to choose a developmentally appropriate product. We also offer playroom accessories so that you can outfit your play area with fun items that kids of all ages will love, as well as a great selection of arts and crafts products that will have the kids begging to get creative.

In 1951 the Kaplan story began when Leon and Renee Kaplan (Mr. and Mrs. K) opened a toy store in Greensboro, North Carolina. They expanded the business in 1952 by opening a second store in Winston Salem, North Carolina and then multiple locations in late 1950 and early 1960. In 1968, Kaplan School Supply was founded which affirmed their commitment to children by introducing toys that teach.

For over 40 years the Kaplan name has been synonymous with children and providing products that promote learning while playing. The company has continued to be a strong leader in the field of early care and education. We know that children are our future and we provide products that enhance creativity, explore learning, and encourage independence.

We at Kaplan are excited to provide this online toy store offering both familiar and unique items for children birth to 6 years. You will recognize many name brands like Little Tikes®, Chicco®, and Crayola® - but you'll also find many items that are only available from Kaplan.