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Common Core Math Kit - Grade 3

Common Core Math Kit - Grade 3

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Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Grade 3. This kit will provide students with challenging opportunities to apply math in real-world situations as they progress from practicing basic math skills, to strengthening their abilities, and finally deepening their understanding of key math concepts.

While third graders begin studying more complex arithmetic, provide them with resources that promote the investigation of math. The variety of tools in this kit will support them as they examine everything from early multiplication skills to liquid measurement. Also includes a free three-drawer storage cart.

All products were carefully chosen to help students:

  • Understand the relationship between multiplication and division using numbers within 1000
  • Demonstrate strategies for solving multi-digit arithmetic
  • Develop an understanding of fractions
  • Explore concepts of elapsed time, area and perimeter, and estimating volume and mass
  • Categorize shapes by attributes and partition them into equal parts with equal areas

For Grade 3 Math Activities, click here

Common Core Tools - Grade 3 Kit Contents:

1 – Plastic Pattern Blocks - Use this set of 250 blocks, in six shapes and six colors, to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions and problem solving. Teaching Guide and storage bucket included.

2 – Square Color Tiles - Watch your children explore and build colorful patterns with these plastic tiles. Set includes 400 color tiles in four colors packaged in a reusable storage bucket. Activity Guide included.

3 – Classpack Tangrams - Now the whole class can practice problem solving! Complete with sturdy bucket container and Teaching Notes, this set of 30 tangrams comes in four assorted colors.

4 – 5” Double-Sided Rainbow Geoboards - Color and geometry intersect with these double-sided rainbow geoboards. Two different pin arrangements allow students to create an endless variety of shapes using rubber bands in bright hues. Set of 6.

5 – Write & Wipe Student Clocks - Stay on time with this set of 10 heavy-duty laminated clocks. Great for small-group activities. Measuring 4.5" square, clocks with movable hands and a place to write in digital time. Great way to encourage student participation in time-telling activities.

6 – Rainbow Fraction® Transparent Deluxe Circles - This overhead set helps students visualize fraction concepts. Set features nine different color-coordinated circles representing one whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths and twelfths, plus Teacher's Guide. Circles are 3.5” diameter.

7 – Pan Balance - Teach measurement with this durable plastic balance and weights. Buckets detach for easy clean up and hold up to one liter. Sliding compensator for zero adjustments provides accurate measurements. Set includes five each of five-gram and 10-gram Hexagram® weights.

8 – Plastic Base Ten Units - Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts. Each cube measures one square centimeter. Set of 100 cubes.

9 – Plastic Base Ten Rods - Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to teach math concepts, value and grouping while enabling students to easily manipulate and visualize varying quantities. Each rod measures 1 x 1 x 10 centimeters.

10 – Plastic Base Ten Flats - Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts. Each flat measures 1 x 10 x 10 centimeters.

11 – Plastic Base Ten Cube - Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts. Cube measures 10 x 10 x 10 centimeters.

12 – Liter Measurement Set - These translucent plastic measuring bottles mimic familiar water–bottle shapes, helping students make connections between the curriculum and real life. Provides concrete representation of liquid capacity measurement, equivalencies and comparisons. Reinforces both metric and customary units with easy–to–read measurement markings. Includes a set of 4 durable, sealable bottles: 2 liter, 1 liter, .500 ml and .250 ml. Features Activity Guide with conversion tables.

13 – Centimeter Cubes - Perfect for counting, measuring and patterning. Set of 500 plastic one-centimeter cubes in 10 colors comes in a convenient storage tub with Activity Guide.

14 – Platform Scale - Measure liquids and solids in removable pans. Easy-to-read, accurate English/metric scales have 5 kg/11 lb. and 2.2 kg/5 lb. capacities.

15 – Fraction Tower® Equivalency Cubes - Illustrating the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents is a snap with this set of 51 color-coded cubes. Cubes feature fractions, decimals and percents clearly marked on each side, providing students with a visual representation of equivalencies. Includes an Activity Guide.

16 – Magnetic Elapsed Time Set - Segmented timeline even helps students understand that elapsed time can begin in the PM and end in the AM. Removable Guide numbers support differentiation. Includes 2 magnetic clocks with hands, 24-hour timeline (4 segments), start and end time arrows, and removable Guide numbers. Clocks measure 10”.

17 – tri-FACT-a™ Multiplication & Division Game - Triumph over multiplication and division and excel at having fun! Using numbered playing cards and the familiar triangle board as a visual cue, fill in the missing spots to complete number families. Be the first player to play all your cards, and call out “tri-FACTa"! Includes triangle game board, 100 cards (facts up to 100) and 4 trays. For 2–4 players. Game board measures 10”.

18 - Hexagram® Metric Weight Set - Explore weight and measurement with these easily stackable Hexagram® Weights. Color-coded weights offer visual cues in measurement activities. Set of 54 includes twenty 1g, twenty 5g, ten 10g and four 20g weights.

19 - AngLegs® - AngLegs® come in six lengths that easily snap together to motivate students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector. Students will discover what happens as they use the same length legs verses different length legs to build various polygons, as they attach additional legs they study polygon heights, calculate their areas, find center points and much more! When two AngLegs® of any length are snapped onto the special 4 ” protractor students will explore angles, add a third leg for triangles, a forth for quadrilaterals, and so on. This 74-piece set consists of 72 AngLegs® 12 each of six different lengths in six colors and two snap-on View Thru™ protractors.

20 – Large AngLegs® - A great visual aid for teaching angle measurement and polygons to a large group of students at one time. These six AngLegs® range in length from 11.5 to 30 cm. Each length is a different color (orange, purple, green, yellow, blue, and red) and snap together easily to form effortlessly manipulated shapes. Set includes two special 6 " SAFE-T Protractors® that simply snap onto the AngLegs® for angle measurement.

21 – Plastic Cuisenaire® Rods - Cuisenaire® Rods give students visual confirmation of their hands-on investigations of math concepts, from addition to division to fractions. Rods come in various lengths that can be assigned different numeric values or units of measure. Contains 74 rods, tray with lid, and Activity Guide. Set includes 22 white, 12 red, 10 light green, six purple, and four each of the yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue and orange rods. Use with 2–3 students. 


This kit contains the following CCSS domains and standards:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • 3.OA.A.1
  • 3.OA.A.2
  • 3.OA.A.3
  • 3.OA.A.4
  • 3.OA.B.5
  • 3.OA.B.6
  • 3.OA.C.7
  • 3.OA.D.8
  • 3.OA.D.9

Number and Operations in Base Ten

  • 3.NBT.A.1
  • 3.NBT.A.2
  • 3.NBT.A.3

Number and Operations - Fractions

  • 3.NF.A.1
  • 3.NF.A.3a
  • 3.NF.A.3b
  • 3.NF.A.3c
  • 3.NF.A.3d

Measurement and Data

  • 3.MD.A.1
  • 3.MD.A.2
  • 3.MD.C.5a
  • 3.MD.C.5b
  • 3.MD.C.6
  • 3.MD.C.7a
  • 3.MD.C.7b
  • 3.MD.C.7c
  • 3.MD.C.7d
  • 3.MD.D.8 


  • 3.G.A.1
  • 3.G.A.2

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