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Book of Answers - Science

Book of Answers - Science

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Grades K - 2. Start with questions and get Little Books of Answers! This comprehensive guided reading program uses the questions Who? What? When? Why? And How? along with balanced literacy and guided reading strategies to turn beginning readers into independent readers with literacy skills and content mastery.


This comprehensive learning program has progressive reading levels which increase in word count and difficulty to nurture the growing mind. Promises success for beginning readers, reluctant readers, ELL students, and even proficient readers.


Supports students on their journey to independent reading by starting with a Vital Vocabulary list of words at the front of the book. These words are reinforced throughout the book in the text, captions, and labels.


Charts, graphs, time lines, diagrams, maps and concept webs give students a chance to see information from the text in a graphical format.


Download free teacher support material that includes instruction help, scope and sequence, vocabulary tools, and black line reproducible to aid in student learning and assessment.

What's in the Little Books of Answers?

LEVEL A (Word count 15-40)

  1. Earth and Geography - Where Am I?
  2. Weather and Space - Where Is This Astronaut?
  3. Animals - When Is This a Home?
  4. Plants - What Do Plants Need?
  5. Energy and Matter - How Do I Move?

LEVEL B (Word Count 41-60)

  1. Earth and Geography - What Is A Natural Resource?
  2. Weather and Space - What Is Weather?
  3. Animals - Where Do Big Cats Live?
  4. Plants - How Many Parts Do Dandelions Have?
  5. Energy and Matter -  What Goes Fastest?

LEVEL C (Word Count 61-80)

  1. Earth and Geography - Where Do You Live Here?
  2. Weather and Space - When Did American Astronauts Explore Space?
  3. Animals - Who Has Ears Like These?
  4. Plants - Where Do Tall Trees Grow?
  5. Energy and Matter -  Who Uses This Machine?

LEVEL D (Word Count 81-100)

  1. Earth and Geography - When Can A Flood Happen?
  2. Weather and Space - Who Listens to the Weather Forecast?
  3. Animals - What Do Animals Eat?
  4. Plants - When Do Trees Look Different?
  5. Energy and Matter -  Why Does This Float?

LEVEL E (Word Count 101-120)

  1. Earth and Geography - Who Lives Near the North Pole?
  2. Weather and Space - Why Does the Moon Look Different?
  3. Animals - How Can You Group Animals?
  4. Plants - Why Can Plants Grow in the Desert?
  5. Energy and Matter -  Where Can You Find Hard and Soft Things?

LEVEL F (Word Count 121-140)

  1. Earth and Geography - How Are Oceans and lakes Alike?
  2. Weather and Space - How Do You Measure Rain and Wind?
  3. Animals - Why Do You Change in Winter?
  4. Plants - Who Eats Who in a Food Chain?
  5. Energy and Matter -  When Does Water Turn Into Ice?


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